Wednesday, 6 May 2009

TramGirl's Log, Supplemental: Star Date 3.14159265...

On the tram on the way home a few weeks ago I became aware that characters from Star Trek are roaming around in broad daylight among us, previously unnoticed by myself (or anyone else, to my knowledge), until I overheard a man during a moderately heated mobile phone conversation. He was supposed to be meeting a person that evening (probably a partner or a daughter, I thought) but I couldn't help noticing that his plans seemed to have gone a little awry.

"When shall I meet you in town later...we arranged to meet in town, love...where are you?...we arranged to meet in town later...I'm on my way there now...what shall I do?...OK, OK, I'll meet you there instead...OK...bye then, love...see you long and prosper".

I can't say that he had the appearance of a Vulcan (not in my limited understanding of the Vulcan appearance anyway, i.e. pointed ears), but with their extreme limits of emotional expression I would think that only a Vulcan could end a conversation to a loved one that way!

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