Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Oink, Oink

On the tram on the way home the other night there were two slender, trendily-dressed, young girls in their early teens having a conversation in their giggly, high-pitched, fast-paced, chit-chat, Vicky Pollard way that young girls do.

The first girl was moaning to her friend that, "God, I'm so fat, I can't believe how much I ate yesterday, I've been eating far too much recently, I've got to stop", to which her friend asked, "What did you have yesterday?".

"Well, I had an apple for breakfast, for lunch I had a cheese sandwich with an apple and a banana and for tea I had three pieces of sushi and two mini-muffins! God, I was such a pig!", at which point the second girl offered her sympathies.

Although the surprisingly short and healthy list made me smile, it fills me with shock and pity to think of the meagre portions that passed her lips on that day to make up for her perceived overeating the day before.

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