Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I love rock 'n' roll...

On the tram on the way home I was stood opposite a skinny, young man wearing a fashionable, knitted hat perched on the back of his head, which I can only think of to describe as tea-cosy-like (but which young people think are so cool). He had a terrific belt buckle on his skinny jeans in black and white which showed each of the 6 sides of a die and was playing some form of thrash metal at a very high volume. I love all kinds of music but heavy thrash is way too scary for me, especially when the singers 'bark', which I could plainly hear that this particular singer was. He was generally fashionably kitted out and was behaving as a nonchalant, cool, rock kid.

Halfway through the journey he was joined on his side of the aisle by a more conservatively dressed, and slightly chubbier, young man. He was wearing a shirt and trousers (although he had removed his tie and unbuttoned his top button) and was obviously returning home form work. He was also listening to music, though I could not hear what he was playing. He, however, was enjoying it immensely and was bobbing his head like a feeding chicken. At one point he clasped his index finger and thumb together as if holding a plectrum and started quickly strumming his thigh, as if holding a low-slung guitar. If that wasn't amusing enough, for a few moments during his mime his nose was wrinkled and he was biting his bottom lip. I had to smile at that point (and stifle a laugh).

Of the two young men that stood opposite, he did not appear to be the type who would rock-out on the tram. If he was dressed like the other guy he might have got away with it, but then again, if he was dressed like the other guy then maybe he would've acted a little cooler? I'll never know.

Note to self: this incident also confirms that I should not wear any form of portable music device in public due to my innate need to move in rhythm with any kind of beat. I would end up as John Travolta in the opening sequence of 'Saturday Night Fever' listening to any kind of music, though I would not look cool, I would not look cool, I would not look cool, I would not...

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